Consulting on Energy

We help our clients in a wide range of contexts. Our approach is to provide clear and realistic advice aimed at meeting your practical goals with the minimum of cost, delay and stress.


We advise companies and senior executives on all aspects of employment law. We also provide bespoke manager training on the effective handling of disciplinary or grievance issues.


We deal a wide range of legal and practical issues arising from the operation and development of businesses. We are happy to be involved in every aspect of our clients’ affairs and seek to act as an integral part of their organisation.

Civil Litigation

We can get involved at any stage of the process: from heads of terms through due diligence, contractual negotiation and drafting, dealing with financing/security issues and completion.


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

So many women collaborators have
leadership roles. With us the women rise at the top!



– G. M. & Associates

Founded by Gentian Mucaj, began as as a small firm with great desire to expand into the overcrowded market of law firms in Tirana. Jeronima was hired as the firm’s first associate later that year, and along with former associates, they all lead the firm’s letterhead as it appears today.

– We Know How To Win

Our firm’s steady goal has been throughout the years to provide high quality legal services, tailored to meet the individual needs of our Albanian and international Clientele. Our people, together with our network of associate lawyers across the country, can effectively address any legal matter within the Albanian territory.

To us our Clients, whether a medium local business or a large multinational corporation are equally important. Each and every Client may expect no less than our full attention, resources and services.

– Better Faster

The firm platform is composed of a single, integrated partnership focused on providing the most collaborative approach to client service.



  • Why Choose G.M. & Associates?

    Most law firms claim to be different. However, upon close examination they are tough to distinguish. Ours is not. Whether it is our dress code (there is none), the lack of bureaucracy, or the fact that we try many, many more cases than the other firms, our firm is different.

  • Why Work For the Firm

    Some of the best trial lawyers in the country will show you how to become a master of the courtroom. If you believe you have the potential to do these things before your peers, G.M. & Associates is the place for you. Every year, a new cadre of gifted young lawyers with their pick of job offers makes us their first choice.

  • Hows’ the Relation with Confidentiality

    The duty of secrecy in such a relation is intended to prevent undue advantage that might stem from the unlimited confidence that one party places in the other. A confidential relation need not be a legal one, but rather may be moral, domestic, social, or personal.

  • How Can You Help Me?

    If you can’t afford a lawyer, but still need legal representation or even have questions about your legal rights, you can get free legal aid at us. These legal services have lawyers who work pro bono, meaning “for the public good”, or without charge.


Want to be an intern with us and you are a student?

When it comes time to study for the bar exam and embark on a legal career, law students will be happy they had an internship at a law firm. The internship is designed to give students a broad view of what it is like to work in a large law firm, and encourages them to begin.

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